About Us

ATAMELA means come closer or together, established in 1999.

The name aims to build a bridge between Africans, white South Africans and visitors that come from other countries/continents through cultural tour packages. Our logo-design emphasizes this through the three roads that meet in the middle, they are all equal and they meet to share different life experiences.

Our cultural tour packages will expose you to our diverse culture and its people, thus giving you cultural experience of a lifetime. The main experience that we sell is “A way of life”/Culture of different people of different cultures and backgrounds, thus eliminating any form of prejudice.

Thuli Khumalo, Tour Operator

“My tours are different from other tours or sightseeing holidays.  These tour packages will expose you to our beautiful weather, diverse animal world, breathtaking views, and historical landmarks.  However, in addition, I will give you the cultural encounter of a lifetime, exposing you to the heart of our diverse culture and its people. The main focus of my tours is bringing people together and making it possible for them to learn from each other.  I am proud to say that I develop my own tour packages, marketing and executing them personally.”

~Thuli Khumalo


Thuli Khumalo – Atamela Tours Owner/Operator

“When I decided to study tourism, I was amazed by the fact that there were virtually no Africans participating in this industry. I saw many buses coming into Soweto, but the tourists never got out and walked around and talked to the Soweto residents. They sat in the bus taking pictures. Most of us felt like we were animals in a zoo or game park.

South Africa is one of the most blessed countries in the world – we have the best weather all year round, breathtaking scenic views, a diverse animal world, unusual flora and fauna, and a fascinating collection of tribes with different customs and traditions. This diversity not only fascinates visitors from other countries, but even fascinates us.

Tourism literature did not do justice to us or to our country. I wanted to change this and I thought that, as a Sowetan resident, I have the perspective and the connections to create a unique experience of Johannesburg and Soweto.”

After completing her tourism studies in South Africa in 1992, Thuli went to Germany to further her studies in tourism, and spent 6 years working in the German tourism industry. In 1998, she returned to South Africa to establish her own tour operating business, and Atamela Tours was born.