Day 1

Atamela’s 2 Day Tour begins with an in-depth visit to Sandton and Alexandra, the richest and poorest sections of the city. Riding through the opulence of Sandton, you will see how the most well-to-do residents live. As you leave, you will immediately enter Alexandra, called “Alex” by the residents. You will visit two shanty homes and interact with the residents to find out how they cope with their extreme poverty and the oppressive living conditions — no water and very cramped space.

This tour through Sandton and Alexandra, Jo’burg city center and Soweto will show in stark reality the inequalities that still exist. As you visit with the people, you will be amazed at how these two communities embody the freedom and reconciliation that was won at such a high price.

Then you will explore the fascinating “City of Gold” – Johannesburg, South Africa. With the stunning panoramic view of Johannesburg from the Bidvest Stadium at WITS as a backdrop, your local guide will relate the history of the gold strike that birthed a nation, the imperialism that threatened it, the discrimination that almost destroyed it, and the indomitable human spirit that saved it and made it free.

After a riding tour of downtown Johannesburg, including the famous Diamond Building, City Hall, and the Star newspaper building, you will continue to Apartheid Museum in preparation for Soweto visit the next day.

Overnight at 84 on Fourth Guesthouse in Melville, dinner at Nuno’s Restaurant.
Day 2

You will experience another stark contrast of lifestyles as you ride through Diepkloof Extension, the rich suburb, which is home to many professionals and millionaires en route to the thousands of modest homes and shanties that make up the bulk of the township.

At the entrance to Soweto, an introductory briefing on how and why Soweto was developed will help you feel the deep connection between Jo’Burg and Soweto.
You will see some of the first houses that were built in 1904 and are still standing, as well as the men’s hostel built during the mining era for men coming to Johannesburg to “strike it rich.” The “gold fever” that gripped the area had a deep affect on families of every race and lifestyle; your guide will point out the evidence of its continued influence.

Drive past the Orlando power station built to supply Johannesburg with electricity and not Soweto. Short stopover at Vista University. Stopover at Fred Clark ex Salvation Army training college and my first home in Soweto.

Stopover at Regina Mundi a Catholic Church that opened its doors for political meetings during apartheid. One of the church members will give us a tour of the church.

Continue towards Orlando East, the first township to be built in the 30’s. Drive through a few traffic circles of Orlando East planned by the regime to control and safeguard Soweto against the then so-called ‘terrorist’.

Drive past Hector Pieterson’s memorial the apparent first victim to be shot during the uprisings of 1976.
Visit Mandela Family House Museum at Vilakazi Street in Orlando West, this neighborhood used to be a home to many political activists like Desmond Tutu, Mandela, Sisulu to name a few.

Depart from Soweto back to the northern suburbs.

Throughout the tour your guide will share with you her life experiences, introduce you to her people, and you will finish your day with a warm feeling for the people and culture of South Africa.

Overnight at 84 on Fourth Guesthouse in Melville, dinner at Nuno’s Restaurant.


Sandton city

Alexandra Township

Jo’burg skylines

Historical buildings: Star Newspaper, City Hall

Apartheid Museum

Baragwanath Hospital

Baragwanath Bridge

Reginah Mundi Church

Hector Pieterson Museum

Vilakazi Street Restaurant

Mandela Family House Museum


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